This platform is a research hub, resource center and meeting place for the vision community. On our blog, we’ll bring new the latest information about the Institute and alert you to studies and news stories we’re following.

Whether you’re a vision specialist, a researcher, a professional from a related field or simply an interested member of the public, there’s a great deal for you to discover here.

The heart of this site is a digital library of carefully selected peer-reviewed research on the social and economic impact of visual impairment. But there’s much more available, including free, download-ready data visualizations, ideas for new research and a media center where journalists can find the information and contacts they need.

To get full access to our resources (including support from me) please register with us. It’s fast, easy and free.

The Vision Impact Institute is especially interested in the way poor vision affects economies and societies — a subject at the center of an emerging field called vision economics. Improving eyesight can build communities, fuel productivity and strengthen nations. That’s a very big return on an investment in seeing better.

This site is the spark that can ignite a global movement for advocacy on poor vision. But we need your help to make it happen – by conducting research into areas still unstudied, advocating for better interventions and supporting efforts to move visual impairment to the center of the global conversation on development and public health.

This movement runs on communication, and that’s one area where your contributions are essential. If you know of great research on visual impairment or vision economics that isn’t in our library, please tell us about it. We’ll review it and consider making it available to the community. And please tell your colleagues that we’re here. The more people who join our our online conversation, the more enlightening that conversation will be.

We’re at the start of a journey that promises to be as exciting as it is challenging. We hope you’ll join us in raising awareness about poor vision and its global impact.