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446 Research Papers
The Effect of an On-Site Vision Examination on Adherence to Vision Screening Recommendations New

Published in 2014 Key Highlights: Vision screenings are intended to efficiently identify students with possible visual impairment and initiate a referral for diagnosis and treatment. In many cases, at-risk students do not access the recommended care or experience delays in receiving care. The purpose of this article is to report the effect on adherence to […]

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Evaluation of Vision Referral Program With School-Aged Children and Their Parents/Guardians New

Published in 2019 Key Highlights: Vision plays a key role in a child’s development. Early detection and treatment of vision abnormalities decreases future complications. Follow-up vision care is a common problem. Barriers to vision care include financial cost, lack of insurance knowledge to cover costs, and disbelief of vision results. The purpose of this evidence-based […]

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Lack of Follow-up Exams After Failed School Vision Screenings: An Investigation of Contributing Factors New

Published in 2006 Key Highlights: Programs to facilitate professional eye exams after failed school vision screenings often are based on the assumption that funding and access to services are major obstacles to care. Despite such programs, many children do not receive professional exams. The purpose of this study was to identify additional barriers to follow-up […]

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Parent, Teacher, and Student Perspectives on How Corrective Lenses Improve Child Wellbeing and School Function New

Published in 2016 Key Highlights: Up to 20 % of school-age children have a vision problem identifiable by screening, over 80 % of which can be corrected with glasses. While vision problems are associated with poor school performance, few studies describe whether and how corrective lenses affect academic achievement and health. Further, there are virtually […]

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Cost Effectiveness and Budget Impact Analysis of Delivering Vision Screening and Refractive Error Correction through Integrated School-Based Health Programmes in Ghana and Cambodia New

Published in 2018 Key Highlights: The School Health Integrated Programming (SHIP) project was developed to demonstrate how schools can be an effective platform to deliver integrated health interventions, using deworming and vision screening as examples. The 5-year national program for Ghana and Cambodia would result in vision screening of 5.4 million schoolchildren in Cambodia and […]

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