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244 Research Papers
Motorist Vision Policy New

Public policy focusing on prevention has the potential to play a significant role in protecting the public’s health. The American Optometric Association believes that the human and economic costs associated with avoidable traffic crashes are amenable to public policy intervention. Link:

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Visual standards for driving in Europe New

This report presents a current summary of practice as to how visual standards are implemented for driving across European countries: It is clear that there are still many discrepancies across EU countries in the implementation of the Medical Annex of Directive 2009/113/EC on driving licenses with regard to visual standards for driving. There is currently […]

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Aged Drivers May Experience Decreased Visual Function While Driving New

The purpose of this study was to investigate the conventional visual acuity (VA) and changes therein over time in older drivers. This was a cross-sectional study of 124 randomly selected subjects. There was correlation between age and visual acuity (P<0.05) for young drivers. Visual acuity scores less than 0.7 was significantly higher in the older […]

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Age and Visual Impairment Decrease Driving Performance as Measured on a Closed-Road Circuit New

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the hypothesis that visual impairment and age can significantly impair driving performance for a sample of licensed drivers. This was a case control study which included 139 licensed drivers. Age and visual impairment had a detrimental effect on recognition tasks. Age and visual impairment also had a […]

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A Prospective, Population-Based Study of the Role of Visual Impairment in Motor Vehicle Crashes among Older Drivers: The SEE Study New

The purpose of this study was to determine the role of vision and visual attention factors in automobile crash involvement. This was a prospective, population-based study conducted on 1801 drivers aged 65 to 84 years. 120 (6.7%) of the sample drivers were involved in a crash during the observation interval. Glare sensitivity and binocular field […]

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