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344 Research Papers
Road Safety in the Americas New

Published in 2016 Key Highlights: This report is a Road Safety report for the Latin America region and does not focus on vision. The Vision Impact Institute is working with WHO and PAHO to include vision as part of the discussion on future studies. Some 154,089 people died on the road in the Region of […]

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Prevalence of refractive error and spectacle coverage in schoolchildren in two urban areas of Chile New

Published in 2018 Key Highlights: This study aims to assess the impact of efforts to reduce visual impairment by detecting and treating refractive errors (REs) among schoolchildren in two urban areas of Chile (Concepción and LaFlorida). A multicenter, multistage-sampling, cross-sectional study employing methods used by the Refractive Error Study in Children (RESC) survey was conducted […]

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Spectacle-Wear Compliance in School Children in Concepción Chile New

Published in 2014 Key Highlights: This study aims to assess spectacle-wear compliance and identify associated visual factors among children participating in Chile’s school spectacle provision program. A total of 270 school children were prescribed spectacles and monitored after 1 year. Visual acuity, refractive error, reasons for not wearing spectacles, and self-reported visual function were assessed in the study Compliance is […]

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Childhood exposure to constricted living space: a possible environmental threat for myopia development New

Published in 2017 Key highlights: People in Hong Kong generally live in a densely populated area and their homes are smaller compared with most other cities worldwide. Interestingly, East Asian cities with high population densities seem to have higher myopia prevalence, but the association between them has not been established. This study investigated whether the […]

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A review of environmental risk factors for myopia during early life, childhood and adolescence New

Published in 2015 Key Highlights: Myopia is a significant public health problem worldwide, particularly in East Asian countries. The increasing prevalence of myopia poses a huge socio-economic burden and progressive high myopia can lead to sight-threatening ocular complications. Hence, the prevention of early-onset myopia progressing to pathological high myopia is important. Recent epidemiological studies suggest […]

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