Studies and Reports About the Impact of Vision Health

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477 Research Papers

Published in 2019 This report is an Executive Summary of the Vision and Driving study conducted by the Traffic and Road Safety Research Institute at the Universitat de València (INTRAS), the Spanish Road Safety Foundation (FESVIAL), and Essilor España, S.A. Key Highlights: Approximately 1,800 people per year die on the roads and over 120,000 suffer […]

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Spectacle compliance among school children in Malawi, Nigeria and Pakistan New

Published in 2017 Key Highlights: This was a longitudinal, observational study, conducted in Malawi, Nigeria and Pakistan, designed to determine: • The prevalence of vision impairment and uncorrected refractive error among schoolchildren. • Spectacle compliance at three months among school going children with significant refractive error. • Identify barriers to spectacle compliance in school going […]

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Access to Eye Care Services for Children within the Education Sector: A Systematic Review in Low and Middle-Income Countries New

Published in 2018 Key Highlights: School health interventions are a unique opportunity to provide comprehensive eye health services to millions of children throughout the world, but eye health is typically omitted from school health interventions, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This study systematically reviews the global evidence on the facilitators and barriers for […]

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A Situational Analysis of Child Eye Health: A Review of 43 Global Partnership for Education Member Countries 2016 New

Published in 2016 Key Highlights: The correlation between good health and improved educational outcomes for children has long been recognized. Blindness, low vision and vision impairment can significantly impact a child’s ability  to learn and have ongoing consequences for their life opportunities. It is estimated that 50 percent of blindness and low vision in children […]

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Status of Road Safety in the Region of the Americas New

Published in 2019 Key Highlights: This report is a Road Safety report for the Latin America region and does not focus on vision. This is an updated report from the previous 2016 on Road Safety in the Americas.  The Vision Impact Institute is working with global organizations to include the importance of vision as part […]

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