The Vision Impact Institute Launch in India

VII Launches in India

The Vision Impact Institute is bringing awareness to the cost of vision on a global scale. We are now excited to announce our launch into India.

The cost of poor vision and its impact on socioeconomic factors can be seen in the loss of the efficiency of an individual and their contribution to a society. India is one of the largest nations. With nearly 550 million of its population (about half) having vision problems, India sees a loss of $37 billion (about Rs 203,500 crore) in annual productivity. In return, improving the vision of India’s populace could lead to dramatic increases in the country’s growth and production.

Vision problems affect all types of people; with most being unaware they need vision correction. Accordingly, in India, 41% of children (under 18 years), 42% of workers, 42% of drivers, and 45% of elderly need visual correction.

Correcting and preventing poor vision can be a driver of growth for the Indian economy, complementing the traditional elements of trade, investment, education, etc. By working together and communicating the costs of poor vision, more Indian workers can increase their incomes by 30% and their productivity by 25%, road accidents can be diminished, and children’s grades can improve. Vision can be a powerful tool in growing the country’s economy.

India’s large hospitals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been fighting blindness by increasing screenings for a range of eye diseases and providing eye examinations. Now, public-private partnerships are being looked to for further progression towards combating poor vision and blindness. These collaborations can help increase the prosperity of the society, positively affecting bottom lines in the private sector and helping the public sector reach those citizens who need them the most.

Arun Bharat Ram, Chairman of SRF Limited is one of the Advisors for the Visual Impact Institute. He is a great supporter of children and will guide the Institute’s initiatives in India.

Poor vision is an important public health problem that needs to be addressed in India (and elsewhere), and with your help, the Vision Impact Institute can increase the awareness of the vision economics and the need for solutions.

The Vision Impact Institute first launched our platform in France and the U.S. in March of 2013 and continued our growth in Brazil in April. We are very excited to be in India. The Vision Impact Institute is looking forward to working with governments and institutions to generate awareness and be an information resource to frame relevant policies. And, we are excited to work with universities and NGOs, advocating for research into unstudied areas.

Come join our community, start a conversation about the research, let the Community Manager know what you would like to see on our pages, or if you know of great research on visual impairment or vision economics that isn’t in our library, please tell us about it. And, tell your colleagues that we’re here. The more people who join our online conversation, the more enlightening that conversation will be.