Think (More) About Your Eyes!

Some matters torment me for years and I would like to share them with you. If one can spend his life with poor vision, it is unclear that poor vision can ensure durable life.  Indeed, how many road casualties could we avoid with a corrected view? How many work-related accidents? Depressions? Absurd injuries while at home, tinkering or cooking? Falls, serious or not? Chaotic academic backgrounds? All these issues are terrible…but who pays attention to them? Are we certain to know how to evaluate the productivity loss for our companies, the one directly attributable to poor vision?

It is our daily role to be concerned, and the Vision Impact Institute wants to actively contribute to the collection of the most reliable scientific research to convince those who would still be doubtful about this international emergency. Our goal is not only to ask questions, but also to provide answers through relevant figures: this is what we do with the help of the most prominent experts. There is one undeniable answer: a better view improves our citizens’ health, the education of our children and the industrial production of our countries. Better vision decreases the number of accidents on the road or at work.

But is there anybody who cares about this? Help us to gather irrefutable evidence, from the positive effects of good vision to the positive effects on the overall health of a country, a community, or simply for a better life. The Vision Impact Institute provides weekly elements to promote this simple but too rarely shared idea: a corrected view to save lives.

Jean-Felix Biosse Duplan
Vision Impact Institute