Poor Vision’s Impact on Driving

Driving is an important part of everyday life, whether you are the driver or passenger. Poor vision is a hazard on the road. The Vision Impact Institute would like to highlight just a few of the studies at our site that reflect the cost of poor vision on driving. We have a total of 24 studies where  driving is featured.

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Fit to Drive

This research presents a complete overview of the costs of road accidents due to poor vision, and, more importantly, the cost benefit analysis of more frequent eye-sight testing for UK drivers. The research reveals that simple preventative measures could save huge costs.

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Driving Blind – The Effects of Vision on Driving Safety and Performance

This paper defines and compares the necessary visual performance to drive safely versus the visual exam required to pass the license test. The paper’s findings suggest that other tests of eyesight beyond visual acuity may be more appropriate for driver licensing.

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Prevalence of Impairments of Visual Function Among European Drivers

Visual impairment among European drivers was examined in 2422 drivers from 5 European countries. Visual acuity, visual field, contrast sensitivity, glare sensitivity, and useful field of view were tested. Visual functions not included in the current standards were found to be more impaired among drivers than those functions that are included.

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Poor Vision is Forcing Motorists off the Road

The Co-operative Motor Group studied how many drivers’ licenses were revoked due to failed vision over a period of time. In 2010, 995 more people lost their licenses due to poor vision than in 2009, bringing the total to 4,009 people. The leading cause for a revoked license was glaucoma.

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The Vision Impact Institute is documenting the economic and social impact of impaired vision globally and we are constantly adding new studies on our website. Our mission is to deliver the facts, close the gaps and encourage progress based on evidence. If you have other studies to suggest on the cost of poor vision on driving please don’t hesitate to share.