Visual standards for driving in Europe
ECOO Working Group on Vision and Driving: Julie-Anne Little, Cindy Tromans, Ann Blackmore and Martin O’Brien
Sponsor/Institution: European Council of Optometry and Optics
Publication: European Council of Optometry and Optics

Published in 2017

This report presents a current summary of practice as to how visual standards are implemented for driving across European countries:

  • It is clear that there are still many discrepancies across EU countries in the implementation of the Medical Annex of Directive 2009/113/EC on driving licenses with regard to visual standards for driving.
  • There is currently an urgent need to consider the meaning of the other aspects of visual function, i.e. contrast sensitivity and twilight vision, on driving performance and safety if the current Directive is to be implemented appropriately.
  • There are still significant gaps in the scientific literature about the influence of vision on driving, and a need for more research and evidence to ensure policymakers are making informed decisions.
  • Policymakers and other stakeholders should come together to explore how best to raise public awareness of visual standards for driving.

Click this link to view the report: Visual standards for driving in Europe.


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