Refractive Error and Visual Functions in Children with Special Needs Compared with the First Grade School Students in Oman
Urmi Vora, Rajiv Khandekar, Sarvanan Natrajan, Khalfan Al-Hadrami
Publication: Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology

Published in 2010

Key Highlights:

  • The study evaluated the refractive status and visual function of children with special needs (other handicap) in 2010 and compared them with healthy 1st grade school students in Oman.
  • The prevalence of refractive error in 70 children (4.7 ± 0.8 years) with special needs (group 1) and 175 normal healthy first grade students (group 2) were 58.5% and 2.9%, respectively.
  • Prevalence of strabismus, nystagmus, and reduced contrast sensitivity was also higher in children with special needs.

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