Prevalence, Risk Assessment and Impacts of Eye Diseases among School Children in Cairo, Egypt
El-Moselhy, E.A., Abo-Seif, H.S., Abd Allah, E.S. and Ghandor, A.A.
Publication: Journal of American Science
  • The purpose of this study was to define the prevalence of different types of eye diseases, to assess risk of these diseases, and to determine the disease impacts on scholastic achievement of school students in Cairo, Egypt.
  • This was a cross sectional analytical study conducted with 2,160 school students.
  • The overall percent of eye diseases among the studied school children was 28.8%.
  • The commonest eye diseases were trachoma (9.3%), errors of refraction (7.1%) and allergic conjunctivitis (6.3%).
  • Eye diseases had a significant negative impact on school absenteeism and scholastic achievement of these students.
  • Of 2,160 students, 37.7% had significant school absenteeism 3-4 days/month and 21.8% had poor results of the first term exam; <50.0% compared with their controls.
  • Preventable eye diseases are prevalent among school students, especially in public schools in Cairo, Egypt indicating the need for school eye health programs.

Published in 2011.

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