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Bringing the Myopia Movement into Focus

Today there is a myopia movement happening. A quick Google search reveals that discussions about visual myopia as a public health issue arrived on the scene in 2005, yet until recently, it remained an issue without a cause. Key research highlights that the global prevalence of myopia is continuing to rise to crisis levels as we approach 2050, but why does this research matter? What does it really mean – the myopia epidemic – and why do we need a movement to change the direction our world’s vision is heading

Recently, the word myopia has become a significant buzzword for media on topics ranging anywhere from global politics and finance to education and eyesight. For years, the term myopia...

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Why Systematic Reviews are the Building Blocks for Changes in Policy and Practice

  Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of the Systematic Review to vision research. This month we asked Pirindha Govender, to give us her perspective from the standpoint...

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2020 Mid-Year Update

At the Vision Impact Institute, we remain committed to raising awareness of the lifelong benefits of good vision and advocating for vision’s rightful place on the global agenda. With...

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What Online Back-to-School Means for Your Child’s Vision

As we continue to live through, and with, the Covid-19 pandemic, many aspects of our lives are uncertain, including going back to school. This school year may look very...

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Lack of Awareness and Access Present Barriers to Good Vision for Women: Part 1

In our most recent blog, we discussed the need to broaden the definition of access when it comes to vision care. We must reinvent the topic to encompass access...

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2020: A Year in Review

At the end of 2019, I was invited to contribute to an article for INVISION Magazine on the topic of 2020 vision trends. In the article, I offered the...

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This platform is a research hub, resource center and meeting place for the vision community. On our blog, we’ll bring new the latest information about the Institute and alert you...

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Tackling Vision Care in a Resource-Limited World

As the world experiences various stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, focus on other public health issues, including vision, is reduced. This is understandable as we must save lives and...

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Five Reasons to be Excited About the New ATscale Product Narrative on Glasses

A guest blog by Jay Corless, Senior Director for Amplification and Campaigns, EYElliance This month, we’re pleased to feature EYElliance’s Jay Corless on the inclusion of eyeglasses into the assistive...

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The Opportunity Cost of Prioritizing Good Vision

Over the last couple of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant cost implications for global economies, education and public health systems. When confronted with an event that has...

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