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Good Vision on the Road can be Catalyst for Stronger Societies off the Road

When you get into a car, ride a motorcycle or bicycle, or take a walk, do you give thought to your vision health? In other words, do you think...

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Why Vision Research Must Include Systematic Reviews

Recently, the value of quality research has become an increasingly important topic of conversation. As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic, evidence surrounding its spread and symptoms,...

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Increased Awareness and Research Are Key to Good Vision in the Americas

  In the second half of 2018, we made a key decision to raise the global footprint of the Vision Impact Institute through the expansion of our team in...

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Want to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges? It’s time to talk good vision.

This month in New York, the High-Level Political Forum, convened by the Economic and Social Council, takes place over a ten-day period. More than 2,000 participants including ministers, business...

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Visual Correction and Occupational Social Class

Key Highlights: The study aimed to determine whether types of optical correction for refractive error are associated with gender, social class and occupational group in the working population. A cross-sectional...

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Bringing the Myopia Movement into Focus

Today there is a myopia movement happening. A quick Google search reveals that discussions about visual myopia as a public health issue arrived on the scene in 2005, yet until recently, it remained an issue without a cause. Key research highlights that the global prevalence of myopia is continuing to rise to crisis levels as we approach 2050, but why does this research matter? What does it really mean – the myopia epidemic – and why do we need a movement to change the direction our world’s vision is heading

Recently, the word myopia has become a significant buzzword for media on topics ranging anywhere from global politics and finance to education and eyesight. For years, the term myopia...

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The Impact of Parental Myopia on Myopia in Chinese Children: Population-Based Evidence

PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between myopia in parents and their children in a sample of urban Chinese children. METHODS: Random sampling was used to identify a population-based sample of...

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An Investigation of Vision Problems and the Vision Care System in Rural China

Key Highlights: This study examines the prevalence of vision problems and the accessibility to and quality of vision care in rural China. Approximately 33% of the rural population surveyed self-reported...

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A Qualitative Investigation of Visual Tasks with which to Assess Distance-Specific Visual Function

Key Highlights: A wide variety of distance-specific visual tasks were identified. Certain types of tasks relied on distance vision, such as; ambulation, driving, leisure, sports, and social functions. Other task...

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The Amazing Paradox Of Vision

This is, for me, one of the greatest paradoxes of the present century: Our lives are invaded by screens of all types (smartphones, tablets, PC’s). Good vision is a major...

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