A Vision for Change: How VisionSpring Found Scale Through Partnerships

A new book, Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang, offers a practical guide to social innovation with inspiring examples drawn from her interviews with over 300 entrepreneurial leaders.

Source: Skoll
By: Ann Mei Chang

Contact Lenses That Adjust to Light

Contact lenses that adjust to light are on TIME's list of Best Inventions of 2018.

Source: TIME
By: Jamie Ducharme

Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore Eye Research Institute and Johnson & Johnson Vision Set Sights On Halting Global Myopia Epidemic

The Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Johnson & Johnson Vision have announced a collaboration to tackle myopia, the largest threat to eye health this century.

Source: News Bharati

To Avoid Shortsightedness, Children Should Spend More Time Outdoors

The most important factor for shortsightedness is genetics, but a new study has identified more environmental factors that might explain the steep rise in myopia around the developed world.

Source: ZME Science
By: Tibi Puiu

Why Jaguar is Outfitting Self-Driving Cars With ‘Googly Eyes’

Jaguar is trying to make pedestrians more comfortable around autonomous cars by giving vehicles human-like eyes that follow pedestrians to let them know the car ‘sees’ them.

Source: Big Think
By: Stephen Johnson

Scented Sight: A Special Set of Paints For Visually Impaired Artists

Suresh Nair, a self-taught Mumbai-based artist, and his art partner Samina Sachak from Tasmania, have created a solution that allows people with visual impairments to use their olfactory senses to paint.

Source: DNA
By: Ornella D'Souza