Indian Innovation Key to Solving the Globe’s Vision-Related Disabilities

Poor vision, as the world's largest unaddressed disability, requires investment to prevent its crippling impact on economic growth.

Source: India Global Business
By: James Chen

Dinner in the Dark Lets Guests Experience Challenges of Vision Impairment

Vanderbilt students recently hosted the first Dinner in the Dark, an event inspired by student ambassador and Vanderbilt Next Steps participant Darko Osman designed to challenge participants’ and break down social barriers.

Source: Vanderbilt University
By: Deanna Meador

BHVI Helps Haiti Launch Country’s First Optometry School

A collaboration involving the Brien Holden Vision Institute opened Haiti’s first optometry school last month, in a positive step for the country’s severely underserved population.

Source: InSight
By: Matthew Woodley

Life Changing Technology is Giving New Freedom to Visually Impaired

A thrift store in Springfield is providing technology to those with visual impairments and other physical challenges to a more easier way to stay in touch with the world.

Source: Fox 5
By: Brennon Gurley

Sound and Vision: How a Blind Photographer Shot the Games

Australian Andrew Follows is blind in one eye and has tunnel vision in the other, but his sense of hearing – and his labrador Leo – helped him capture the spirit of the Commonwealth Games.

Source: The Guardian
By: Jonny Weeks

Africa’s Unsung Scientists Finally Get Their Own Journal to Spread Research

A new research journal, Scientific African, will highlight pioneering work of scientists searching for cures to diseases like HIV and malaria and solutions to climate change.

Source: The Guardian
By: Emmanuel Akinwotu