Rating the Research

When we set out to assemble the best studies available on the impact of visual impairment, we did so knowing that not all research is equally valuable.

Some papers are more current than others, or come from sources with greater credibility. And studies that look at a broader sample of the population may give us crucial information that those with a smaller sample size do not.

So we asked the Boston Consulting Group to analyze more than 100 studies to find the best ones available. The BCG ranked the research based on four criteria: how recently it was conducted, the sample size, the credibility of the author and the impact of the results.

The result? We identified dozens of the strongest studies showing how poor eyesight affects economies and societies. That research is the foundation of our library —and we’re adding new studies all the time, as fresh, high-quality research comes to our attention.

In the course of reviewing the studies, BCG also discovered something else. There’s been more research in recent years on impaired vision and its impact, which tells us that interest in the subject is growing. The more we learn, the better we’ll be able to address the causes and consequences of poor eyesight.

Speaking of learning more — this platform can be as rich as the vision economics community makes it. So if you’re aware of new and valuable research on poor vision that could benefit others in the field, please tell us about it. We’ll evaluate it for inclusion in our archive.

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