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Posted on April 04, 2019

Last month, my life changed forever through the arrival of my first grandchild. This tiny little boy entered the world without a care – whisked away by doctors and nurses who attended to his every need and ensured that he had a perfect start at life.  Moments after his birth, he experienced numerous physical evaluations […]

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Posted on March 29, 2019

Earlier this month Devex highlighted the topic of impaired vision, its affect on women around the world and the need to look at the subject as an educational, financial, and a wider societal issue. Kristan Gross Global Executive Director, Vision Impact Institute, was featured and highlighted the issue of stigmas that sometimes exist when women […]

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Posted on March 20, 2019

Earlier this month we celebrated International Women’s Day. The theme, Balance for Better, highlights the importance of including women in the conversation about their wellbeing – health, education, economic opportunities, gender equity, and more. So many of the issues women face will remain unsolved unless we also consider the importance that good vision plays. Women […]

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Posted on March 07, 2019

This year on International Women’s Day, we are reminded that a balanced world is a better world. When I first read the tagline Balance for Better, many thoughts came to mind – global gender equity in employment and pay; equality in leadership, education and learning opportunities; and the same rights to healthcare for both men […]

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Posted on February 04, 2019
2019 India Road Safety

This week in India, the country is celebrating its 30th annual Road Safety Week. It is not surprising that road safety is a key concern in a country with the highest number of traffic deaths per annum, and the topics being raised range from infrastructure needs and inner peace that affects driver behavior on the […]

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Posted on January 15, 2019

It’s early enough in 2019 for me to wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year! I wonder if you are like me and view each new year as a clean slate, an opportunity to start afresh and continue to build on the successes of the months and years that came before. For the Vision […]

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