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The Opportunity Cost of Prioritizing Good Vision

Over the last couple of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant cost implications for global economies, education and public health systems. When confronted with an event that has...

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Vision for Balance

The Vision Impact Institute recognizes a struggle that many women face each and every day – cultural stigmas about wearing eyeglasses. Not only are these stigmas pervasive today, but...

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Impaired Vision Goes Beyond Vision for Europe’s Elderly

While discussing the topic for this blog recently with a colleague, she told me about her grandmother, Mavis, who died last year at the age of 101. Although she...

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The Vision Impact Institute Launch in India

VII Launches in India The Vision Impact Institute is bringing awareness to the cost of vision on a global scale. We are now excited to announce our launch into India....

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Children’s Vision Care in the 21st Century and Its Impact on Education, Literacy, Social Issues, and The Workplace: A CALL TO ACTION

KEY POINTS Experts estimate vision problems are prevalent in 25% of all schoolchildren in the United States and are one of the most prevalent handicapping conditions in childhood. However, research...

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Major and Subthreshold Depression Among Older Adults Seeking Vision Rehabilitation Services

Objective: Authors examined the potential risk factors of major and subthreshold depression among elderly persons seeking rehabilitation for age-related vision impairment. Methods: Participants (N = 584), age 65 and older,...

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Vision-Specific Distress and Depressive Symptoms in People with Vision Impairment

Purpose. To determine the unique contribution of vision-specific distress in predicting depressive symptoms in people with vision impairment attending a tertiary eye care clinic. Methods. In this cross-sectional study, interview-administered...

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Myopia – A 21st Century Public Health Issue

Published in 2019 Key Highlights from Editorial: Starting with a World Health Organization (WHO)–associated global scientific meeting on myopia, which was held at the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney,...

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Vision: A True and Urgent Global Issue

The Jobson Optical Group is the leading business-to-business information company in the global eyewear and eyecare industry. The Group publishes 20/20 Magazine, Vision Monday, VMail, FramesData, Review of Optometry, Review...

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Where Do Good Vision and Road Safety Intersect?

2019 India Road Safety

This week in India, the country is celebrating its 30th annual Road Safety Week. It is not surprising that road safety is a key concern in a country with the...

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