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Ready-Made or Custom-Made? Does the Type of Spectacle Impact Wearing Rates in Children?

That’s the question that Priya Morjaria, Research Fellow in Public Health Optometry at the International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine...

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Ezell Fellowship Winner Combines Passion for Vision Care with Public Health

Afua Asare sees the big picture when it comes to ensuring good vision for all. Through her research, she is investigating how vision care fits into the broader public...

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Can Good Vision be a Catalyst For a More Equitable World?

Earlier this month we celebrated International Women’s Day. The theme, Balance for Better, highlights the importance of including women in the conversation about their wellbeing – health, education, economic opportunities,...

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The Cost of Myopia: An Interview with Dr. Kovin Naidoo

Over the last couple of months we’ve been highlighting the myopia epidemic and have received valuable feedback through our social media channels. What stood out to me are the comments...

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The Power of AND

By now, we are all familiar with the recently published WHO Report on Vision that assessed the state of poor vision around the world. The report confirmed that more...

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Why Eye Health Needs to be Integrated Into Health Care

Earlier this year the Vision Impact Institute chose to join and support the efforts of the European Coalition for Vision (ECV), which is doing a great job raising the profile...

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Where Do Good Vision and Road Safety Intersect?

2019 India Road Safety

This week in India, the country is celebrating its 30th annual Road Safety Week. It is not surprising that road safety is a key concern in a country with the...

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The Vision Impact Institute Launch in India

VII Launches in India The Vision Impact Institute is bringing awareness to the cost of vision on a global scale. We are now excited to announce our launch into India....

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Vision is Taking a Spotlight

This time of year is quite busy for the vision community. The UK’s National Eye Health Week, EVER (European Association for Vision and Eye Research) Conference, the US’ the Eye...

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Vision Impact Institute and Cooper Institute Announce Collaboration to Focus on the Whole Child

The Vision Impact Institute and The Cooper Institute recently announced a collaboration that will raise awareness of the importance of good vision for children and physical fitness through The...

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